We believe all Bullys have good in them and we intend to help educate the public to the "pure awesomeness" of this breed! Pit Bulls are among the highest number of dogs being killed in our shelters nationwide. It is a true travesty that so many good, adoptable, and viable dogs never get their second chance. Our rescue is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers who wholeheartedly believe that education is the key to alleviating the injustices done to this breed. Our work is never done, our homes are never quiet, and our wallets are never full. Still, we continue to fight the fight . . . Will you join us? Adopt, foster, donate, or volunteer with a local Pit Bull rescue. Please, get out there and help us make a difference in the lives of these neglected, abused, and unloved Pit Bulls!


FFTB is a 501c3  that is a fierce and determined army that have dedicated our hearts and souls to saving our beloved Bully breeds. Fighting For The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue is based in Knoxville, TN. We search shelters all along the East Coast that are in need of assistance to rescue Bullys  from death row.

About Us

Meet the Pit Crew!

You will never find a more dedicated and awesome group of volunteers! I could not do the work I do for the Bullys without their help. Heather Myers, Matt Reynolds, Julie Reynolds, Carla Welch, Sidney Burnette, Tony Burnette, Tyra Burnette,  Crystal Woods, .  Chet Fisher, Brenda Fisher, Sandra Owenby,  Jake Reffitt, and Lynne Shetterly.